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Vindelfjällen is Europe's largest nature reserve.
Area, (550 000 ha) mainly
in Sorsele municipality.
The nature reserve is situated in southern

Vindelfjällen has a varied natural
that offer rich experiences.
Here runs Vindelälven
which is one of Europe's unregulated rivers.
begins north of Vindelkroken
(near norwegian border)
and go through the entire reserve
and runs through Sweden down to the coast.
is that great area,
which is very rich in hunting and fishing

Small game hunting /
Ptarmigan hunting
Ammarnäs Stugby situated in southern Lapland
available to own hunting area.
You live in the mountains in
the mountain cottage
with the possibility of a sauna
or in huts with equipment for self-catering
You can also have accommodation in
Ammarnäs Holiday
and our own helicopter
fly you into the wilderness
White grouse hunting

Grouse hunting is allowed until March 15

We have our own mountain cottage in the mountains and can provide your own transportation to the hunting area.

You can also stay in Ammarnäs Holiday
with self-catering

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