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  Taxi Flights
The helicopter can take you where you want or need, both in leisure and at work. We can be of service from coast to mountains.
  Freight Flights
As suspended load or in the interior of the helicopter can be very transported to inaccessible places. Even on other occasions it may be worthwhile to examine whether helicopter transport may be a competitive alternative to other transport methods
  Aerial Photo
We do film and photo flights for newspapers, TV, advertising photographers, film recordings and the like.
Reindeer driven
We perform reindeer driven with the Bell 206 B JetRanger in Västerbotten, Norrbotten and Norway. Helicopters are equipped with speaker / Sirén, good intercom and communications.
Inspection Operation
We perform the operation inspection of the grids, troubleshoot interference and GPS surveying of lines.
We have, among other agreements with Vattenfall AB Norrnät for flight in their area.

Construction Works
When different types of buildings and structures may be involved with the helicopter transport of huselement, concrete, Radio parts, special equipment, etc..
Round Airplane
See our wonderful mountains or something else interesting from above!
Inventory Operation
The helicopter can be used for many different types of inventory tasks, such as inventory of animal species, vegetation types, exploration and mapping work, etc.
We are located in
Heli Lapland / Ammarnäs Stugby


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